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The Pioneer Feminists Project
Documenting the contributions of early Second Wave feminists
active in 1975 or earlier.

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January 1, 2009
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Book Now Available

(University of Illinois Press)

If you are in the database (click here to check), your biographee is in the book.

If you are not in the book, and you qualify as a pioneer feminist, please fill out a questionnaire. Click here to obtain one. You will still have your biography at the Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, on the Veteran Feminists of America Web site and possibly in the online version.

The Pioneer Feminists Project documents the contributions of feminists active in 1975 or before. It is a project started by Barbara Love in partnership with Veteran Feminists of America.

Veteran Feminists of America, an organization honoring veteran feminists, is behind the project, which will be housed at The Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College in Northampton, MA.
The project consists of a reference book, published in 2006, and eventually a searchable database, making the information available to researchers, historians, journalists, feminist scholars and families.

To order, go to University of Illinois Press directly to receive a 20% discount. If you are a biographee in the book, ask for a 30% discount. Telephone 800-621-2736.

While entries for that book are closed, the intent is to continue to add feminists active during that period to the project for possibly a second edition and/or a future Web site, where we intend, at some point, for the new bios to be available with the original ones in the book. So if you are not included, it's not too late for the next phase. Click through to the questionnaire and send it in.


Barbara Love
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